Wednesday, May 15, 2002

It is very aggravating not to be able to write in my diaryland blog from school. It's just like, grrrr. Hmmm...let's see. Last night I started dreadlocking my hair, and then stopped because I figure it's definetly a bad idea to do that minus parental permission and I'm getting my hair cut on, yeah, lol. I still want them though. I always go through this...if I get any money (haha) I will prolly just buy some dread wax and go for it...I just think they're supa neat and I love them on everyone I see. Especially *heart* Francis Sands. But I heart her anyway just because of all her awesome bodmods and her cutie of a husband. So...maybe soon, maybe not, we'll see. I did the unthinkable and *gasp* changed my password for my e-mail, which is something that has always ben known to it's not. Yeah. Been spenidingmy breaksall on my's a strange existence, but I'm getting used to it...yup. I guess that's it