Tuesday, April 30, 2002

People are so funny and full of shit. It's great. I mean, on the one hand you have this girl and you just want to slap some realism into her. And she thinks she's so fucking hardcore and that she knows everything, when it's all a joke. And she puts herself two steps above you, when it's not in her place. She's not the pope, she is not ani difranco or angela turner, she is just a girl, at the same level as everyone else. And then you have people who promise to keep something a secret, and they do keep it - for the two seconds it takes them to walk to their seat and then they tell their lab partner. And then they tell the whole class. That's when they bring up the fact that you slept with the person too. Add a few "oh yeah, and she's slept with a prostitute too"'s and you have my Vivi. She'll tell anyone and everyone about my sex life. From our chemistry teacher to our classmates to the people working in the places that we eat, she tells them all. Why? I don't know. Because she doesn't have a sex life she's going to tell everyone mine? Because our chemistry class hates her and they think she's annoying and tell her to shut the fuck up - but they don't when she's talking about *my* life so she tells them? How unhardcore is that? That's such bullshit. Ooh, she's mad at me because I tell 'everyone' (read: a few good friends of ours) about her brother, but it's fabulous for her to tell strangers and our TEACHERS, our flippin teachers, about my personal life? Dude, if I wanted them to know I would tell them myself. If they had the inclination to read my whole blog they could find out themself.

I'm an angry chica right now. She had no right, no business, and no justification to talk about *my* life like that, particularly about something as personal as who I'm having sex with. I don't think I'll be talking to Vivi for a very long time...I just don't want to deal with her and that.

Grrr...this kind of mood makes me want to tell everyone's secrets. But, I won't, because as juicy as they are I'm not like Vivi, I'll let people tell their own secrets.