Thursday, April 11, 2002

So, yo, I'm here at school, and writing here because I can blog it up but I can't do diaryland. I know, I know, how little sense does that make. Yeah, I'm in the library, and yes, I'm a super major dork. I could be out in the courtyard right now with Danny, but...I feel all awkward. Like, Hi, I'm Brittany, I have no friends will you keep me company? Y'know...yeah. I went to chemistry and my teacher gave me a hug and everyone was loving my hair and I'm like...awww. We got new seats and I have the greatest lab partner. He is like, so loveable. I was taking a little nap...having a little snooze, and when I had to wake up to do a lab he was like, yo, you gotta wake up, and was rubbing my back until I was awake. It was such a great way to wake up. I'm quite smitten. Heehee. Argh, there's the bell, more later.