Saturday, June 23, 2001

Ooh, look at me, I'm so cool. In the past 20 minutes I've given my blog a cool name, got rid of that UGLY template (hello!? Dancing purpley sticky people are not cool. And now those dancing purpley sticky people and their army of sticky kangaroos are going to kick my arse. Ahh, well), and added the Scarleteen Webring link. Okies, since nothing fun has happened today, or really recently (outside of the girl on girl on girly action that I've been getting, muwahahaha), I'll just have to tell ya'll a little bit about me.

Umm...let's see, my name is Brittany, no not like Britney Spears (haha, you thought you were so clever coming up with that one. so did everyone else that came up with that same one). My middle name is Paloma, it's spanish for 'dove' (along with another bird that I won't mention). It's not an unusual name outside of the US. Paloma Herrera (principle dancer for ABT), Paloma Picasso (Picasso's daughter), and some princess of spain or something was named Paloma, so there :p Born and raised in Vegas, it's not exciting until you turn 21 or get a fake ID, whichever comes first, and I've heard (since, I'm not 21 and lack a fake ID) that the novelty wears off quickly. I'm 15 years old, a Scarleteen advocate (and once they started the scarleteen webring I had to go figure out this blogging thing), I'm a pretty goofy kid, I joke around a lot, probably too much. When I say I act goofy, I mean it...90% of the time when I go to the mall drug dealers think I'm on acid or speed or something and try to sell me some more. Yeah I'm that goofy. The fact that I prance aroudn in fairie wings probably doesn't help either. Oh yeah, I'm a little obsessed with fairies and pixies. I have a 2.7 weighted GPA, and I'm studying for my SATs because of that (don't have to take it for at least two more years, but with my GPA I need good scores so I can get a nice little scholarship to a school far away from Vegas). I was a cutter, it's been 34 days since I last hurt myself. I've been self injuring for about five years, and this is only the second time in those five years that I've gone this long without hurting myself.

I have one older brother, Adrian, who is 16, and two parents who I'll just refer to as mom or daddy or whatever word comes to mind when I'm mad :D They've been married for 18 years *gasp* and for the most part are happily married. Ever since my dad moved back in....but that's a long story that's irrelevant to everything, so I'm not going to go there. Let's see, I love to dance. Throughout my kiddie life I've done belly dancing, Hawaiin dancing, ballet, and tap, and was a part of one of the best dance teams in Las Vegas for three years (we were the best middle school and better than many of the high schools). Since I left middle school, I've started taking ballet and jazz classes, but for the next two months I won't be taking any (because I WAS leaving town for 8 weeks in the summer, so I wouldn't be at my school enough to do the end of the year concert. And by the time we found out I'd only be out of town for 2 weeks, it was too late to sign me up). So now I don't dance at all, but I should start again in September.

I've always been pretty active, I was on a synchronized swimming team for five years and a swim team for three, but last summer I did neither and this summer I'm not doing any :( I miss being a part of a team. Teams and competition are really what I live for. But this year I'm joining the cross country team and swim team for my high school. I started weight training with the CC team (errm, well the part of the team that's in town) and it's fun. I can only bench press the bar, lol, but it weighs 45 lbs! Two weeks ago I could only run 5/8 of a mile, and I ran the mile again yesterday with a time of 11.08. Bad, but not as bad as it could be. Considering I've never run before two weeks ago...but it's been fun.

What else? Oh, right, I'm bi, I'm single, and this is the cause of a lot of drama in my life. It all started when a lesbian came into my life (S.), because she liked my straight friend (Fairy Chick), so we started talking. Then S. started liking *me* and when she found out I was bi, I think she fell head over heels, so to speak. But I've always kept it at a friendship level, she's butch (not really my type) and I didn't really want a relationship anyway. Then we went to gay skate night, with Fairy Chick, and Fairy Chick decides she'll be "bi for the night". S. was happy, of course, because she still liked Fairy Chick. And there was a lot of kissing and hehehe, but S. had a little mental breakdown :( Then I was under the impression that I liked S. But she came over to my house the other day, there was kissing and talking and laughing, but we're looking for different things, so we're keeping it at friendship.

Oh yeah, and I have a bad memory. I'm forgetful and a procrastinator, not a good combination. I procrastinate until I forget, which is basically why I haven't called any of my friends. The only friends I've talked to this summer are S. and Fairy Chick, and that's because Fairy Chick is on CC with me, and S. always calls me. I'm a horrible person, I know. Uhh, I should go call some people.... *Brittany*
I hate making the first entries. First entries suck because you're trying to figure out if you should write an autobiography or just jump into your life or explain who you are or what. I never know what ...I don't really know what to say :D Well I'm going to try to figure this blogging thing out, and then I'll come back, yeah. ^-^ Brittany